About Mitch Green

I’m a 27 year old landscape photographer and writer. I offer fine-art prints, tutorials, articles and videography services. My images have appeared alongside travel magazines, smartphone brands, photography publications and across the walls of my childhood home—thanks Mum.

My craft was developed along the South Coast of NSW—amongst its crashing waves and striking rock formations. Now based out of Melbourne, my travels take me across Australia and the globe. Travels in search of new landscapes to discover, new paths to wander and new light to experience.

I have a passion for appreciating artistic styles and techniques, particularly those outside the realm of landscape photography. A richer grasp of the philosophies of other artists expands and refines my own approach to photography—better positioning me to communicate these ideas through my writing.

Photography is my creative expression of how I experience the world. I share my images so that others might experience the same feelings of awe, terror and solace as I did capturing them. Thanks for stopping by.

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