Australia’s 9 Best Kept Secret Instagram Locations

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Australia, surrounded by stunning beaches and world-famous landmarks, is a ’grammers paradise. But hidden away from the famous icons and tourist traps lay beauties only known to a select few, just waiting to be explored and snapped up. Sydney based travel and landscape photographer, Mitch Green has compiled a list of his country’s best kept secret Instagram locations.

1. Centre Place, Melbourne

a.k.a Melbourne’s Diagon Alley.

2. Allora, Queensland

One of those scenes where it’s actually impossible to take a bad photo.

3. Lucky Bay, Western Australia

Paradise beach? Check. Aussie icon? Check. Epic Insta pic? Check.

4. Mrs Macquarie’s Point

A better view of Sydney’s skyline you will not find.

5. Liffey Falls, Tasmania

Best consumed with a healthy dose of rain.

Midweek mini-break anyone? Oh how wonderful it would be to be dipping my toes into the cool waters of Liffey Falls right now 💚

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6. Honour Avenue, Mount Macedon

Autumn colours at their finest.

7. Cape du Couedic Lighthouse, Kangaroo Island

If there were a lighthouse emoji, this would be it.

8. Sugar Pine Forest, Laurel Hill

Set the alarm clock early for this one. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Forest Of Gold • Laurel Hill

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9. Mount Gillen, Alice Springs­­­

A hike to get there. But man, would you look at that view.