7 Secrets To Taking Epic Travel Photos

Traveling is about new experiences. It’s about exploring foreign cultures and seeing wonderful new sites throughout the journey. Preserving the memories forged along the way through quality imagery will ensure those wonderful moments continue to remain with you. In this article I've shared my top 7 tips to help you take stunning photos of your next adventure away.

Get up early, stay out late

When traveling, you’ll regularly be moving from destination to destination, so why not make the most of each while you’re there? Ask the locals for the best vantage points. Set the alarm early. Stay out after dinner. And go experience your surrounds in a whole new light. Who doesn’t appreciate a good vivid sunrise to start the day?

Do your research

Researching each attraction ahead of time will do wonders in improving your photos from good to great. Look not only for the best view points, but also the most favourable conditions to experience each location under. Will the waterfall be flowing strongly after the recent downpour? Or will the local piazza be bathed in golden afternoon light? Instagram hashtags are actually fantastic research tools.

Include people

Don’t be afraid to include human elements in your images. While it may seem tempting to angle the shot away from all other people, rather consider how to best compose the photo with them included. Have them looking into the view ahead, or interacting with the scene in some way. This approach makes the image more relatable, allowing the viewer to experience the scene as if they were there themselves.

Look for unique angles

Travel hotspots have their stunning drawcard icons worthy of a snap, yet every other tourist is after the same photo too. Still get your iconic obligatory shots where necessary, but then take a moment to consider how it can be framed in a less common way. Scan the area for interesting elements to bring context into the image and capture your own unique take on the scene.

Capture key moments

Holidays are full of special memories, and every scene has one decisive moment too, according to Henri Cartier-Bresson. Each scene has that one special moment in time that defines it. It could be the moment goods are exchanged in the village market place, or a father gently carrying his son into the pool for a morning swim. Try to anticipate ahead of time when the decisive moment will occur.

Lines and patterns

European cities with their centuries of rich history and elaborate architecture are fantastic for this. Move into the right position, aligning structures as best you can to capture the care and precision that went into their construction. Similarly outside of cities, look for framing trees or roads that guide the viewer’s eye into the photo.

Go explore

Outside of the city centre, outside of the main landmarks, lay marvels just as photogenic awaiting to be discovered. Look at maps, ask the locals and spend an afternoon hiking out of town or wandering through suburban streets. Often it’s outside the crowded tourist traps where lasting memories are forged and memorable scenes are captured.